Gummy Bear Model

gummy bear model front Gummy Bear model side

These are some first attempts for a model of character from my team’s first story concept. It was later abandoned; however, I am still not finished with this model, and I still will rig it. More of this to come soon.

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VFX Training the Trainers: Matte Painting and Environments

VFX Training the Trainers: Matte Painting and Environments

What is Matte Painting?

Matte Painting is the method of extending or creating an environment for a filmed shot. This would normally happen because building the whole set would be very expensive, or physically impossible to do. So instead only the set immediately around the actors is shot, and the rest is painted in afterward. This technique originally would only work with locked off shots (i.e.…

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Lastest Movie Trailers: Tim Burton’s Big Eyes

Big Eye’s is the story of Walter Keane who in the 1950’s became famous for a serious of painting featuring people with enormously big eyes. Walter Keane was not the artist for the paintings, but claimed the paintings as his own from his wife Margaret Keane. Margaret Kenae was the true artist for the series of big eye paintings, and…

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Last week we were also told to find and read this book (above). I have been reading it and have found it to be an exceptionally good read, one that is inspirational and has a very heart-warming, happy-go-lucky attitude to dealing with life. Some of the experiences the author mentions about himself help to get the read to follow what a particular chapter is trying to teach.

There are also some…

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